Reborns,preemie reborns, preemie reborn baby clothes,Custom handmade clothes for American Girl Dolls!!We also have some Syndee dolls parts and so much more!!
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Welcome to Small Treasures Custom Crafts

We are all about dolls!!

This is my second baby for 2015. My first toddler...  Danielle Zweers'


She is a toddler she comes with everything you see here. This beautiful Toddler is 26".

As you can see you can pose her very nicely. I will be adding pictures of this beautiful toddler. Everything you see is custom to her. I make all their clothes, so if you see something you like. Please feel free to contact me. Also my web site is under construction. So please be patience I'm working as fast as I can getting everything added. I will be adding NEW items very soon. Again, Thank you so much for your patience.

Proud to present

"Isabelle "

She is Maribel Valles-Villanova"s

"Lucinda" Limited Edition

My first for 2015

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I WANTED ONE!! But to my dismay Reborns cost several hundred dollars on Ebay.
Now they are even more,I saw one for auction for $2,500 and the price was raising!!
No way could I explain that for a doll.So I asked myself "Self"now what?
I found myself thinking about "Reborns"all the time.
All I could talked about was Reborns,Reborns and more about Reborns!!
"Enough ALREADY"!!
After doing a lot of research. I found that Reborn Artist would not tell their secrets
It took a long time before I found one who was willing to share their secrets.
One thing about Reborns you can't get that realistic effect without layering the pigment.
Each step of Reborning take time.But now in many cases you don't have to strip the
Reborn down to the raw vinyl or take the baby apart."Sound kind of mean"?
I know,but that's the beauty of Reborning.The real meaning of the word "Reborn"
is to make new.So after all your hard word without labor pains!! You will have a Beautiful
Pefect Baby!!So that's why I Reborn.I try to keep my prices fair.Because I want everyone
to get the chance to have a beautiful Reborn baby.Some of my friends says I am crazy for
wanting to Reborn,Until they see them!!Without question they are truly Beautiful.
You can find all the beautiful Reborn babies in
Please Click here to see the new arrivals

A little about the artist.My name is Bernadette Smallwood as you see dolls are my PASSION!! Small Treasures Custom Crafts is located in Newark,Delaware. I started making and repairing dolls when my daughter was small so that is about 23 years ago.But recently started with Reborning and Newborning!!I just LOVE it!! The world opened up for me.The only limit is my imagination. I just love the idea to take a play doll and turn it into a realisted looking baby. It has always been a dream for me, now it happen. I hope you will find the perfect reborn here for you or yours.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

May God bless you with many blessing!!

Also my story is featured on Craft Business Click on Success Stories and read more. If you're thinking about starting your own craft business.Go to my Link page or click on Craftersbuzz and you will find ALL the help you will need to get started.Also if you have time go see my shop at

Again, Thank you for taking the time!!




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